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Money Back Policy

Please kindly check the differing circumstances where you are eligible for either full or partial refund in accordance with our money back policy.

We have simplified the main sections under which a refund is applicable, i.e.

  1. Before approval of the preview version of the order, and
  2. After approval of the order


A.  A customer is eligible for 100% refund under three conditions, as follows:

  1. When you cancel an order just placed, BUT before a writer is identified and assigned. You will be eligible for 100% refund if your order has not yet been assigned.
  2. You made a mistake while paying for the order, including paying for similar orders, or making double payment.
  3. We were unable to find a suitable writer for your order
  4. The deadline expired without delivery of the paper and you no longer need it


  1.  A 70% refund is possible if you want to cancel an order assigned to a writer BUT less than a third of the deadline has elapsed.


  1. A 50% refund is possible on any order placed with us in the event that you want to cancel an order after a writer has started working on it and more than half the deadline has elapsed.
  2. We were unable to find a suitable writer for your revision.


  1. If a paper you ordered is submitted after deadline expiry but you still need the order, you can claim some refund because of the lateness in submission. The new value price is the difference between the actual price you paid for the order and this new price. For instance, you may pay $40 for an order expecting it in 1 day but end up receiving it after 1 day and 6 hours. Assuming the price of the order would have been $36 had it been ordered with a 1 day 6 hours – deadline, you can claim $4 refund.
  2. If the quality submitted is unsatisfactory, you can claim a refund. In this case, you should request free revisions, as per our revision policy or place a request with the support department that a different writer is assigned to your order. Alternatively, you should communicate to our support team and request that the paper be “disputed”. However, when you request that a paper is disputed please bear in mind the following:
    • You must submit strong and credible reasons to back your dispute claim.
    • Understand that resolving the dispute will take a bit of time: We may need to forward the paper to the Quality Assurance Department, communicate with the writer, or even ask for extra materials to substantiate your request. All these procedures consume time.
    • There is no set percentage refund for an order set on dispute. Each case is evaluated individually and a decision regarding the percentage refund is arrived at after careful scrutiny. Nevertheless, rest assured that we always place our customers at a pedestal in such instances.
    • It is important that you present additional materials or information backing your claim for a refund in case of a dispute immediately. Please kindly note that your case is annulled if such materials and information are not presented 14 days after the request.  If such materials requested are not provided within 14 days, no refund can be given.


In order to make our engagement with you worthwhile and satisfying, we would kindly request you to go through the preview version carefully before approving your order. Kindly note that once a preview version is uploaded to your order page and the order set on Delivered status, you have 14 days to review the paper and either approve it or request a revision. If you do not act within the 14 days, the system automatically approves the order.

You can ask for as many revisions as you want. However, kindly note that once you have approved your order, you are deemed satisfied with the document presented, in which case, you are no longer eligible for a refund on the same. Notwithstanding, you can still request for a revision within 7 days after approval of the order.

It is our pleasure to serve you and ensure that you are completely satisfied with what you get. In the rare occasion we fail to meet your expectations, do not hesitate to contact the customer support team and present your case.