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Terms and Conditions


Dear client, upon the request of an order, submission of an order and/ or the payment of an order, you will be considered to have accepted to have understood the following terms and conditions of the Premier Writings Company.


Upon the submission of a term paper, dissertation, research paper, an essay, case study, and any other form of an assignment, you will have purchased a product meant for personal use only; that is, the purchased product will not be meant for resale or any other activity that attracts financial gain like distributing copies at a fee. The freelance writers transfer the ownership of the papers (the ones they have written) to the Premier Writings Company. Notably, all products the Premier Writings Company offers are refundable; however, these products do NOT have warranties, both expressed and implied.


The Premier Writings Company products delivered to the client constitute original work. The copyright of the product as well as other services offered are under the custodian of the Premier Writings Company. Thus, the client should use products delivered for personal use and NOT commercial use. In this case, the client will NOT publish, distribute, display, modify, distribute, exploit the product or create derivative works out of the delivered product without seeking a confirmation from the Premier Writings Company. All kinds of illegal use of the Premier Writings Company products or parts of their contents may subject one to criminal or civil penalties.


This website may constitute a wide range of links to other websites. Our policy does not certify, approve, endorse or sponsor such links unless we have stated therein. In this regards, this Premier Writings Company is not the owner and controller of such websites (the ones not stated therein) and therefore it is NOT responsible for their contents. In short, linking to the websites (not stated therein) is at you risk and thus your responsibility.


The Premier Writings Company does not condone plagiarism, and thus, it reserves the right to cancel any arrangement, agreement or contract in the case an individual tries to pass a plagiarized (or copied) work as original. In this case, the client confirms that product the Premier Writings Company delivers is NOT distributed to other parties for any purpose or for payment. Further, the moment the Premier Writings Company realizes that the delivered product is plagiarized, the Premier Writings Company has a right and obligation to terminate the current agreement and then stop working with you in future.


Notably, the products and materials delivered to the client are references and research only. Thus, this Premier Writings Company does not encourage, condone or with knowledge participate in activities constituting academic dishonesty or fraud. The Premier Writings Company strongly abides by the set academic copyright laws, and thus it will NOT let clients violate copyright laws or commit plagiarism. In this case, the Client (Customer) agrees that the products delivered only serve as an example or model document for research, and therefore, any content borrowed must be cited properly as per the original source.


The Premier Writings Company will not be liable in any way for inappropriate, unethical, illegal, or the wrong use of our products. In short, the Premier Writings Company is not liable for poor grading, academic probation, lawsuits, expulsion, suspension, failure of courses, legal actions, and disciplinary actions, loss of grants, awards, positions, prizes, grants and titles. The individual who purchases a product from the website is responsible for all forms of disciplinary actions that emanates from illegal, unethical and improper use of the bought materials.


The funds from products are refundable; however, there are not warranties, implied and expressed. The moment the order is complete, the Premier Writings Company can refund when the client is not satisfied with the final paper. In some cases, the Premier Writings Company may refund a client based on its prudence. The Premier Writings Company at its discretion may offer bonus and bonus programs.


Upon the submission of an order and payment, the client is acknowledging to have completely understood and agreed with the above terms and conditions as well as the following:

  1. All ideas and information used (from the purchased materials) needs to be subjected to proper citation.
  2. The products attained from the Premier Writing’s Company freelance writers are solely owned by the Premier Writings Company
  3. The client agrees that the Premier Writings Company acquires payment based on the effort and time spend on the organization, gathering, editing, correcting, delivering and posting the materials as well as the administration, maintenance and the promotion of this website for educational purposes.
  4. The Premier Writings Company does not allow the reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, modification, the creation or display of derivative works without a prior consent from the Premier Writings Company.


This Premier Writings Company does not make warranties or representations based on the following:

  1. The website as well as its contents therein, regardless whether it is implied or expressed; emanating from law or not, including and without limitation to the implied warranty business, fitness in certain purposes or the implied warranty emanating during the trade or performance.
  2. The Premier Writings Company does not warrant that the website or the service operation will be error free or uninterrupted. Thus, the Premier Writings Company is not liable for any form of consequences emanating from errors and interruptions associated with the website. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the completeness, the accuracy, and the usefulness of information, advice, opinion or other forms of consent provided in it.


The client should hold the Premier Writings Company and its officers, employees, agents, representatives, promotions, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, affiliates, advertisements, information sources, legal and data advertisers responsible towards any form of damage, loss, right infringement and claim relating to the product purchased. Such claims are not limited to:

  1. Network, email, hardware and software, telephone, electronic, computer malfunction, and other forms of difficulties endured.
  2. The failure, garbled, delayed or incomplete transmissions of the computer
  3. All conditions that are beyond control of the Premier Writings Company that could render the delay, corruption or disruption of the product purchased.
  4. The damages, losses or injuries associated with the use of the service.
  5. All forms of printing as well as typographical errors within the materials relating to the product.


It is important to acknowledge that terms and conditions change from time to time. Therefore, it is recommendable for one to review them occasionally for the updates. Such changes will definitely be reflected in this section.